By: Duaa Mirza

In the recent past days, I had a chance to visit Shahi Qila, while moving to Dewan e Aam and talking about Anarkali, Instructor questioned me by whispering in my ears, do you know why Akbar didn’t let Saleem marry Anarkali.? I randomly said, yes! mainly status conflict and religious differences were other walls. He whispered again and this time I was shocked, he said because, No,  Anarkali was She-male, incapable of being complete woman, so, to save his residual dignity, Akbar ordered Anarkali to be hanged alive inside wall so she may die there.

There was a long pause between our conversation. It was a joke! confession! discovery! information or what? I was unable to describe my mixed emotions.

Well, you are still shocked. Right?

This is not actually to think that “haha she male ?????” Stop.

Stop and take a breath. Just ponder, what if Anarkali was she-male? So?

I am in a continuous thinking phase. I left to think not specifically about Anarkali only but all Trans- gender humans. After that, I paid visits to have transgender person in communication. I met with two of them while they were begging in a food street of Lahore. I made them comfortable to get me seriously empathetic.

In the session of questions, I just wanted to slap myself publicly and desired to shout at society calling ” We all are Bloody Inhuman”.

Upon asking a question regarding survival. she broke into tears and uttered, it’s our fate and we have to embraced it that we are unfit, cursed, Hejra, insult with words, jokes, to be treated as extra in society, whatever we are, are not we human? creature of God? are people not bound to consider us at least human!! there was a long pause during our conversation. i was left again speechless.

Upon asking, She told me that there is a mechanism of livelihood in Transgender community. We have been sold since childhood and we have to live under the supervision of our Guru, when we will become guru one day when we will start adopting “Chela” envoy, but it takes a long time.

Well! there were more grievances they are compelled to bear, I was told that when they are on a function to perform, even the noble one will also hurt them by their words, jokes and erotic words. alongside, youngsters use to harass, molest and even sometimes we are badly beaten for not complying with their ill intentions, upon all that, we are forced to be quite otherwise we are punished, we cant beat them money, power and status, at every stage, they are more powerful than us so we cannot meat justice, we consider silence as ultimate to our survival.
Being a little more loud, she added.  Men say it’s your profession so you cannot blame us for sexual harassment.

She started crying and was unable to continue sentence. I hugged her and felt hate for myself for being a part of such cruel society.

I hit upon a question in my mind that being with appropriate sexual parts makes me respectable in this society? This is a big question mark that needs to be answered. What if you are abnormal with your genital organs! . Does that carry permission to humiliate, beat and let die in vein? Does that also mean if anybody loses sex organs by meeting any accident, he /she would be like a thrash in society? taken for-granted and mistreated always?

NO! They are special People with more love and care. Indeed they are, there is nothing useless in this universe created by God which could be useless.

After visiting her, I am feeling that whole society is blessing-less, people are blessed with a safe zone by Allah but Alas! We don’t even spare less privileged and poor.

Moreover, I have started gathering information about how can we get them back to life, so stay connected with the next Blog!



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