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Monday, September 28, 2020

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خواجہ سراء

تحریر: باسط زمان سیال ہمارے معاشرے بلکہ عالمی معاشرے کے وہ افراد ہیں جن کے...

Coronavirus and The Third Gender

By: Shanawar Jura Poet, Journalist & Sociologist Coronavirus has spread all around...

A Glimmer

By: Ali Hussnain Warraich Sociologist, Activist, Entrepreneur, Student of the Law

Trans Women are Women

By: Saro ImranTransgender Activist - PakistanActivists Alliance Foundation As you all know that...

The Third Gender and Education

By: Kanza Sana Umer The human rights charter, in their article 26, mentioned clearly that...

Are Not We Worth to Be Invited to Watch PSL Events?...

Pakistan Super League 5th Edition to kicks off today with a thrilling opening ceremony. Report: Obaid Bhatti
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