By: Mahi Ali

Human rights are the rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, gender, language, religion, culture, caste, color, and any other status. But unfortunately, people read the things to pass the exams they don’t follow them to become a good person.
Here I am to let them know some facts like stigma, discrimination, bullying, and Harassment has become very common with marginalized community. Being a transgender I have suffered a lot and got so many turbulent experiences of being part of this community. Transgender is an independent sexual orientation.
At an early age I was used to wearing my elder sister’s costumes and make up for inner happiness I was caught and beaten by my father many times for girlish behavior.
on another hand i was mentally tortured by the society they always up there to call me with the bad names that made me feel bad and ashamed of being trans they taunt me for wearing colorful shirts and the way I walk. I wanted to tell my family to accept me with my gender and treat me like my other siblings but I was afraid of being beaten again. My sorrows remained unseen, my words remain unspoken and my feelings remained slept.

As I got younger I was harassed by someone and they did it to teach me a lesson for being transgender and I was eager learner I learned the lesson to fight against violence.i took stand for myself and tell my family about my gender, choices, and preferences they were still not happy with it but they were bit ok.i am working with an Organization AAF to support my community regarding their health and other issues I love to support them where they need me.i have suffered a lot so I don’t want to let anybody else. I am ok with what I am and feel proud of being transgender most of us don’t raise their voice or take any step against the violence because of thinking what the people will say if they will come to know about us but if u will not raise ur voice who else will be? we are also from the same planet we are not taboos. treat us the way you want to be treated. I believe no one can make u feel bad until you consent them to respect the people in your life but don’t let snatch your dreams to anyone.
Be supportive be kind and spread love, love is bigger than hate.




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