Pakistan Red Crescent Aims to Turn The Transgender Community into Treasure for Pakistan


Report by Obaid Bhatti

Volunteers of PRCS will help the Transgenders to revive their due status and respect among masses.

Pakistan Red Crescent’s department Youth & volunteers aims to bridge gaps between mainstream genders of society and neglected community of transgender by uplifting them through different programs specially designed for them. Volunteers under the supervision of the Y&V department will empower them through education and skills development workshops. After equipping them with skills and education, they would be able to present themselves among other communities with confidence and equality.


The transgender community is considered the most disregarded and mistreated group of people in Pakistan, despite being human, they neither enjoy respect nor provisions of basic rights but they are taken as cursed and disliked human beings. They can not avail equal status and opportunities in every field of life like other mainstream genders, male and female.

Resultantly, the gap between mainstream genders and transgender is increasing gradually as they are considered incapable of doing nothing except singing and dance. They are taken only as a source of entertainment and ridiculed everywhere. This is why because they are living a unique and different life than other society, they are misfit to the normal living of other genders because they were forced to opt their own lives in their childhood or later in teenage just after realization of being sexually different from others and rejected by their own families. This gap led them to cut off from their families and community. The intolerance towards them is increasing and turned into aggression and hate as they are children of lesser God.
The Y&V department of PRC has done a lot of activities for them aimed to develop self-confidence and capable of doing normal like other segments of society.

Group of Volunteers

Achievement of PRC in this regard are as follows
• Free first aid training
• Their enrollment as volunteers of PRCS
• Seminars with doctors, beauticians, NGO workers, and other people belonging to different fields of work. This aimed at exposing them to the nature of jobs in respective fields and criteria of being eligible.
• Collaboration with “Wajood”, an NGO led by trans-genders, making efforts for TGs’ empowerment in the country.
• Coordination meeting of pioneer Transgender organization “Wajood” with different programs at PRCS such as Health, Gender, Climate change, etc., in order to include this neglected gender into the mainstream.
• Free Screening for Hepatitis and some other transmittable diseases.
• Meat Distributions in their communities.
• Iftar Drives in Ramadan.
• Their participation in the International talks to raise a voice for their rights.

Pakistan Red Crescent Society has a further way forward to ensure the well-being of this miserable community

Group Photo

• Sensitization at national levels about the issue transgender community.
• TGs becoming literate enough to be eligible to earn sustenance for themselves.
• The ending of inter-communal segregation within the country.
• The country’s previously neglected potential to be used towards its benefit resulting in the well-being of the entire society and economy. It could be explained as: ‘TGs competing with the world for Pakistan just as equal as any other common citizen of the country’.
• Ensuring the needs of TGs are well taken during the projects/program designs and their inclusion in projects and programs and SOCIAL INCLUSION.


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