Transgender: A Sign of Ignominy for Us??


By Kashmala Iqbal

Kashmala Iqbal

Transgenders are considered as the sign of ignominy for a family or a society. Why so? The questions remain unanswered. We live in a modern world where everybody has opportunities to earn their name and social status. But trans-people are the most ignored section of society not only in Pakistan but also all over the world.  President Donald Trump announced to ban the transgenders to serve openly in the US military and the US Supreme court supported the decision. There may be some political interest but our concern is about the third gender who is discriminated.

Societies do not accept the third gender rather consider them shameful for society. Is this a resistance or resistance to the Natural phenomenon of God? Even in the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Article 25 guarantees the equal rights of all citizens, then why are not transgenders treated well? Taking an example of India which claims to be a secular state, like many other ethnicities, transgenders are victimized.

Social Stigma

They do not have any source of income except dancing, begging and sex work. They are deprived of education, social respect, marriage, political and religious rights, freedom of expression and personal safety. They are bound to live outside of societies and to make their colonies. 

 Quoting here an example of “Nageena” Islamabad-bases trans- woman whom I interviewed and asked Why do you put so much makeup on your face? She replied: We have no other option to attract people to ourselves. She did not say that she liked the makeup. She does so to attract and to make people give them enough making their survival possible.

The most shocking part of the interview was that she was kidnapped by one of the landlords of Mirpur. He had been assaulting her sexually for almost 15 days. Fortunately, she managed to escape the place in the forest where she was kept forcefully within four walls. She had cried and gathered natives of the village but sadly, nobody had given an ear to her voice. None of them responded to her well.  Isn’t she human? This is so cruel.

Stop Discrimination
Stop Discrimination

Transgenders are deemed to have become a burden for society. Are they low-visional people? Aren’t they smart and intellectual? They are human like us. People should accept the reality that there are not only two genders but are three genders. And the third one is part of society. They can equally contribute towards the progress of society, culture and the state if they are given equal chances of growth.


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