Future of Transgenders in Pakistan


Hijra (Transgender)– commonly known in Pakistan as a minority. The status of transgender in our society is extremely low. They are denied of their guarded rights. Pakistan documented its transgender populace for the very first time in the 2017 survey. It has assessed their number to be more than 10,000. According to these counts, transgenders cover 0.005 percent of the complete populace. Disregarding this, they face numerous issues like the rights of transgenders are rigorously violated as they are not given due respect in our society. Several transgenders fall victim to sexual harassment.

Considering all these issues, Iqra Sadia Rao, conducted focus group activities with the community to transform transgenders and women’s financial status by launching “TAABIIR”. TAABIIR’s vision is to revolutionize the future for the trans community and women by empowering them financially through skills and to help them fight for their rights.


Transgenders usually face discrimination while hunting for a job and are forced to beg, dance or work as prostitutes to earn money for their living. In Pakistan, the idea of a normal life for transgenders. Life similar to that of normal people is unimaginable. It aims to connect trans community of Pakistan with the global work community to boost their finances and professional experience. The team took this initiative to provide a platform for transgenders for their rights and also to clear Pakistan’s image internationally by collaborating with many international organizations.

Group Photo of TAABIIR

Founder of TAABIIR, Ms. Iqra Sadia Rao is a Social Entrepreneur, Cultural Ambassador Kansas State University and Executive Member Commonwealth Youth Hub. She took such an initiative and presented TAABIIR in Malaysia Commonwealth Youth Summit – 2017 to facilitate many women and transgenders with better opportunities by providing them professional skills. Her team comprises of many dedicated members who perform their duties sincerely and play their significant roles to clear the position of Pakistan internationally. All the team members and trainers of TAABIIR are one of the best ones in their disciplines and dealing with this critical matter with great precision.

The TAABIIR is offering English Language Course (Basic), Creative Designing Course , Self-Development SRHR (Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights) Course and Acting Course.

The program is offered on Saturdays 3-6pm. For second cohort registration inbox on the Facebook page and stay tuned for more updates on the page and  TAABIIR’s Insta handle is @taabiirofficial_

Pakistan Voices from the Margin at Suleman Dawood School of Business
Graduation Ceremony at TAABIIR

TAABIIR’s team and trainers are in contact with the international community of transgenders where they introduce Pakistani transgender talent and open new skylines for them. The team has been conducting focus group meetings and activities within their team to network and strengthen teamwork and they are determined to fly to another level with their dedication and hard work.

The Team at a meeting


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