The Third Gender and Education

Trans Education

By: Kanza Sana Umer

The human rights charter, in their article 26, mentioned clearly that among all other basic rights of human beings, education is also a very important and fundamental basic right for everyone. It stated that everyone has the right to education, it should be free, it should be compulsory at least elementary. It should be equally accessible to all. It should be directed towards the full development of human personality and to the strengthening of respect towards human rights and fundamental freedoms. And that it should promote understanding, tolerance, and friendships among all religions, races, groups, and nations.

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Kanza Sana Umer

The writer is a philanthropist, writer, and student of psychology. She can be reached at

All parents have a right to choose the kind of education for their children. Now, concerning the above given human rights un charter, it is safe to say that education is as important for transgender communities as it is to anyone else on this planet or this country. As we can see that human rights charter highlighted education as the right of every human being, it never specified it to only two genders. The words that are normally used here i.e. “Human Beings”, “Everyone”, “Person”, “People” etc. are all genderless. These words are used as the title of a whole group and not just a bunch of men and women. These words are used for all groups including men, women, children, lesbians, gay, transgender, black, white, brown and the list goes on. Western society is far beyond the problem of spreading awareness and motivation among trans genders to send their kids to school and give them proper education. They are now concerned about how to make it more comfortable for these kids so they could have a normal study life experience, how to give them and create more opportunities for them, how to control bullying against them and how to empower these kids? But our culture is way behind that.

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We live in a country where almost every other thing is considered a taboo. Unfortunately, our complicated and weird societal culture has limited our third gender to certain customs and traditions. According to our societal norms and rules, trans genders are considered a bad influence and a taboo. In our culture, we invite trans genders to our weddings to boost off how happy we are. They are asked to sing and dance and for that, they are paid just enough to feed their families for a day or maybe two. We forbid our children to play or talk to transgender while we call them to celebrate when a newborn arrives.

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They are seen on the road begging at every signal almost and when people see them coming towards their car they think that they “have” to pay them because their prayers are accepted directly by God and they don’t want trans genders to give them a “baddua”. While on the other hand, society has also made their lives limited to a certain locality. When it comes to trans genders, the first thing that comes to our mind is prostitution, sex workers, entertainers, beggars, dancers, free punching bags and unfortunate disgusting people. We can’t accept the fact that they exist, how can we accept that they study in the same school as our kids and for the most part, that they sit with them When they are around us, we feel ashamed. They disgust us.

Considering all the above factors, even if a trans person manages to fight trough this dreadful society and its norms and breaks the ceiling, he/she is still considered to be worthless and is mocked the minute people know that the person is transgender. This school of thought highly needs to change. The children are beyond nominal labels of genders, sex, race, etc. We need to normalize the fact that trans kids are just kids as well. They have the full right to play around like our kids, they have the full right to study as our kids have, they have the full right to spend quality time with their families inside or outside without being mocked. Instead of dragging these beautiful strong minds to the same traditional works and taboos, we need to educate and empower them. Our government needs to run certain awareness campaigns, which can make the trans genders, as well as other people of the country, realize that trans people are humans and the citizens of this country as much as they are. These campaigns should initiate the confidence of trans people to accept themselves that they are accepted in society and that they can change their lifestyles by sending their kids to educate or by getting educated themselves.

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We need the government to set 0 fee policies for public schools and to have some stipend for the kids of low-income people and trans genders. But even before that, we need to make school policies and strategies trans-friendly. The man barriers towards the trans education include: gender stereotyping, lack of awareness and understanding of trans issues, lack of guidance for schools, inflexibility in school rules, exclusions including self-exclusion (due to feelings of being unacceptable), inappropriate or unavailable facilities and unintentional or intentional bullying/mocking by the faculty. The steps that can be taken to promote the education include: central directives and teamed up working plans by governmental departments, training for school staff against mocking, bullying and stereotyping, flexibility in school practices and rules. Developing proactive policies and procedures that are inclusive of trans genders to dignify at work and in educational settings and other decisions to promote gender equality, lessening stereotyping and bullying.

There should be strict action taken against the faculty and other people who fail to abide by the rules made for trans genders and who mock or bully them in any way. Trans genders are more mature than any of us. They are harder working, more committed, more responsible and more straightforward and honest. And we being an emerging country would always need people who can add to our success and help us evolve in ways more creative and accessible. We as a nation need them and they need us to feel that and have confidence. They are part of our country. They are our people. We have to stand up for them to make our country a much better living place than it ever was.


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