‘Mahak Malik’ Star Transgender of Pakistan


Kashaan Rajput was born on 27 October 1988 in a Muslim family of Kot Addu District Muzaffar Garh, South Punjab, Pakistan. He was among the 6 brothers and one sister. He left the school at an early age and went to a barbershop to learn later slipped to the transgender community. This was the first time when she recognized herself as a transgender. She gave herself the name “Mahak Malik”. She is 5.6 feet tall. She chose the dancing profession. Her favorite singer is Zeshan Rokhri a well-known local Punjabi (Saraiki) singer. She loves to travel and dance.

She came into the spotlight for her performances in the local events especially weddings. She is earning more than other stage dancers. She received 23 lac Pakistani rupees for a week’s performance on the commercial stage. She is best known for her dance performances all over Pakistan and abroad as well.

She gained fame on social media. On “Facebook” there are many accounts with her name with more than 350K fans. She is heavily present on “Youtube” and “TikTok”.

She has also been criticized by her looks, sometimes a preacher and some time as a dancer

A meeting with the well-known Islamic scholar Molana Tariq Jamil turned her attention to her religion. She is attached with “Tablighi Jamat” a renowned religious organization

She participated in their programs here is the public speech by her in a mosque where she is addressing Muslim fellows to focus on religion.

She was a part of the campaign against religious blasphemy where she is showing solidarity with the Muslim community 

She is also part of “Khatm e Nabuwat” harmony 


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