Greetings from the Team of The Trans Press International,

“The Trans Press” is the first of its kind platform focusing on the transgender community in South Asia.We aim to highlight the issues, challenges, and successes of the transgender community in our news outlet, we will be publishing articles and features, penning analyses and features and interviews of community leaders on regular basis.

Our raison deter is to create a media outlet that treats the sociopolitical, economic, cultural and collective development of the trans community as its prime responsibility. To jump start this system we are setting a trans focus journalist network of reporters and media personnel to cover the stories of trans communities in their respective vicinities.

Furthermore, we are also creating a platform for trans friendly support groups in different fields of life and offering different civic engaging opportunities to volunteers from the general public.We welcome any kind of trans focused contributions from Lawyers, Writers, Bloggers, Journalists, Researchers, Analysts and Civil Society Activists.We are open to collaborate and looking for your support to ensure the rights of the trans community are acknowledged in South Asia and the whole world at large.

Editor in Chief


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