Trans Women are Women


By: Saro Imran
Transgender Activist – Pakistan
Activists Alliance Foundation

As you all know that we have raised voice on Aurat March, International Women’s Day 2020, that Trans women are women. When we talk about law and government support, we have a very progressive bill in the shape of the Trans Protection Act 2018. This is big evidence that the government is with us (Transgender People). Transgender people are recognized as a citizen of Pakistan with all the basic human rights. 

The problem is within us as a society, as a family, as class fellows, like friends, do we accept transgender people? No!!! Why we have to sacrifice our family / Relations for our Gender Identity & expression. Why do we have to face harassment in educational institutions? Why we have been labialized as a sex objects? 

While In Aurat March

Governments have taken positive steps for transgender people and still doing more. Now we need to accept Trans people around us. The problem is here, we do accept Trans people now but not in our families. There is a huge need to work on family acceptance of transgender people. Change has started on the macro level but it’s our responsibility to bring change on the micro-level, as a brother, as a sister, as a father, as a mother, as a relative, as a friend, as a cousin, as a class fellow. It’s a collective responsibility to sensitize each other that gender identity is a basic human right. No one can take this from anyone. 

When we proceed with family acceptance, social acceptance, ending stigma & discrimination it will result in changing mindsets and that will be a sustainable change. 

In the crisis of Covid 19, Transgender people are even more vulnerable now as it is impacting a lot on their health and well being as well as on their livelihood. Currently, transgender people are suffering from a lack of basic needs like food, health care, etc. It’s a more important time to work together on every level for community betterment and safety. 


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