Are Not We Worth to Be Invited to Watch PSL Events? Transgender Breaks While Complaining


Pakistan Super League 5th Edition to kicks off today with a thrilling opening ceremony.

Report: Obaid Bhatti

Every cricket-loving citizen is fallen of cricket-fever with a high volume of affection while PSL entirely comes to country, from opening ceremony to round-matches, and concluding match of the event is going to be held on the land of cricket-loving nation, it has boosted the spirit of every cricket lover.

Just like other public, the transgender community is also excited for Pakistan super league. Simultaneously, they complain about discrimination faced by the fellow citizens and cricketing authorities of the country with a deep sense of deprivation, as well as International Cricket Council for not considering them with normality to be invited to watch cricket matches and associated events.

Sara Ali, a transgender begging on traffic signals of Lahore, broke into tears when asked about the opportunity to watch PSL match live in the stadium.

“I am earning my living with beggary on signals of the city” how can I pay a huge amount for purchasing the ticket to watch Match and other events in the stadium? Asked Sara with a grievance. We are never considered worthy to be invited in any of the national events whether its cricket or Defense day, Pakistan day or else, We are always discriminated against and thought worthless to be involved in common activities held occasionally or routinely arranged by authorities. Are not we human-like school children, disabled and special persons to be respected and treated specially even on National events? She added.

A fellow transgender of Sara Ali, named A, complained directly to Pakistan Cricket Board and PSL Management for neglecting them, asked a question to authorities, how much loss they would bear if we are invited to watch ceremonies? Are they suffering misery more than us?

A complained to International Cricket Council as well for not paying attention to the transgender community as they are equally ambitious to watch and play cricket just like fellow citizens. Blinds, special persons and women can play cricket and every game internationally, why cannot we do? A asked PCB and ICC.

Upon consoling, they showed a hope to be taken as equal and important as fellow citizens are, and conveyed a message especially to the owner of Peshawar Zalmi, Javed Afridi, Rana Fawad of Lahore Qalandar and Salman Iqbal of Karachi kings to consider them worthy to be invited to watch mates.


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