Transgender community criticizes discrimination in the distribution of health card “Sehat Insaf Cards”


Online Report By: Obaid Bhatti

After the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government last year in May, Prime minister Imran Khan distributed health cards among the Transgender community on 31 December in Islamabad.
Islamabad: In a press conference held at the Press Club, the representative of the Transgender community, Nadeem Kashish decries discrimination in the distribution of “Sehat Insaf cards” health cards. He also denounced mentioning X in the gender column of national identity cards which bars them to go for Umrah and Hajj.
Nadeem Kashish added, “Sehat Insaf” cards are being distributed among only those who are employees in government services on special quota. No representative has approached the Transgender community to resolve their issues.
Instead of mentioning X in the gender column, the National identity cards should be made on the basis of B form like every other citizen of the country. Said Nadeem who runs an NGO under the name of Safar.
Regarding the committees set up by the government to resolve issues of the Transgender community, he said these panels have no representation from the community, the government should direct to induce the Transgender community in committees set up for them. He alleged that NGOs running in the name of the Transgender community are usurping billions of rupees, Kashish demanded their accountability.
Nadeem Kashish reminded that their community had raised funds of Diamer Bhasha dam just like every other citizen of Pakistan so they deserve the same respect and identity.


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